Zambucca Black Furniture Paint



Our Zambucca Black chalk paint is a true rich deep dark shade that is gorgeous painted either as a top coat or as a base coat with aged white over the top .The beautiful joys of our EZ 2 Paint Zambucca black are many here are a few ways to use it ………

  • As a base coat to cover ugly blonde varnished pine so when you paint your next shade over the top , your rub back will disclose beautiful classy black.
  • Use a s a solid colour with minimum rub back ,just a smidgen of wood coming through then finished with our Ageing wax.This will give you a French Chic style look.
  • A must have for stenciling.
  • Fabulous to use as a mixer to add depth and darkness to your other EZ 2 Paint colours.

Don’t be afraid to try painting with our black chalk infused paint , it is smooth and silky to apply and requires very little sanding to finish it off .

Named after our shiny fat black Labrador girl “Zambucca”

Our EZ 2 Paint is a  rich & creamy water based paint some of the ingredients are

  1. Water
  2. Minerals
  3. Pigment
  4. Happiness

Unlike all other  Paints currently available on the Australian market EZ2 Paint has more depth and substance, these are some of the reasons for this

  1. More options on finishes.
  2. More depth and character.
  3. Easier application.
  4. Better adhesion.
  5. Easier effortless distressing.

EZ2 Paint is incredibly easy to use , you do not need to have any artistic flair or a crafty streak as anyone can slap it on ,sand it then wax it ……Ta Da !!! Magic can and will happen .

Here are our 6 easy “Ta Da” steps to creating your own unique piece of furniture .

  1. Shake can.
  2. Stir it.
  3. Paint it.
  4. Sand it.
  5. Wax it .
  6. LOVE IT !!

Easy to clean up , simply use cold water to rinse brushes and clean up.


Weight 800 kg
Dimensions 100 × 100 cm

1lt, 250ml, 500ml