Nudey Rudey Furniture Paint


Nudey Rudey is the colour of a naturally tanned skin …This shade is fabulous under Vintage Cream,Fresh White & Aged White to give depth and structure when you sand it back . This is one of the colours we use the most as a base coat .


Nudey Rudy shade is perfect for under any other shade to give texture and depth , it is also fabulous to block out bleeding …….we use this colour or Conrad latte under all our white painted pieces.

Our EZ 2 Paint is a  rich & creamy water based paint some of the ingredients are

  1. Water
  2. Minerals
  3. Pigment
  4. Happiness

Unlike all other Paints currently available on the Australian market EZ2 Paint has more depth and substance, these are some of the reasons for this

  1. More options on finishes.
  2. More depth and character.
  3. Easier application.
  4. Better adhesion.
  5. Easier effortless distressing.

EZ2 Paint is incredibly easy to use , you do not need to have any artistic flair or a crafty streak as anyone can slap it on ,sand it then wax it ……Ta Da !!! Magic can and will happen .

Here are our 6 easy “Ta Da” steps to creating your own unique piece of furniture .

  1. Shake can.
  2. Stir it.
  3. Paint it.
  4. Sand it.
  5. Wax it .
  6. LOVE IT !!

Easy to clean up , simply use cold water to rinse brushes and clean up.



Weight800 kg
Dimensions100 × 100 cm

1lt, 250ml, 500ml