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This page will be filled with FAQ S and the answers plus tips of the trade .

With a lifetime of furniture restoration and many stories to tell I am sure I will keep you entertained and give you some great tips along the way .

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  • Do I need to pre sand before painting on my EZ 2 Paint ?
  •  Canterbury Blues Ez 2 paint  sticks to almost any surface, raw wood , varnished wood , glass, metal and ceramics ,even fabric.  Majority of time simply wipe down  the surface.Don’t stress to much about dust and spider webs they add character and depth to the paint . Sometimes it can be a good Idea to rough up the surface with a fine grade sanding block to give the super shiny or laminate style finish a better surface to stick to . If your piece has excess peeling loose paint it is always good to remove the flaking paint to insure your EZ 2 paint has an chance to adhere correctly.
  • Can I use EZ 2 Paint in a spray gun ?
  • No it is chalk /powder based and will clog up your spray gun
  • Can I  water down if I am finding it a little thick ?
  • Remember when painting with our furniture paint that it is not like any other furniture paint and it is thicker and more textured than usual paint .The reason it is like this is because the thicker it goes on the more character ,depth and character you will have after you sand.Painting furniture to get the shabby chic look is not a perfect art and you should allow yourself to have fun and not stress about perfection as that will not happen using EZ 2 paint .Brush marks and strokes are beautiful and will be what makes your piece individual.Drip marks are also beautiful when sanded and waxed and give true shabby chic look .If you feel your paint is a little thick or drying to fast for your liking you can add a tiny bit of water .Always pour your paint into another container before adding water just in case you add to much and make it to thin , this will stop it adhering as well.
  • Why is there sometimes chalking dry bits when I paint ?
  • This is simply the chalk and powders drying quickly ,do not stress it will sand out and become super smooth when you have finished painting .
  • How far does one 500 ml can of EZ 2 paint go ?
  • Keep in mind this is not an exact science as every person paints differently and uses a different amount with their stroke BUT we say you will be able to paint 2 average size chairs with 2 coats .Chalk style paints have great coverage .
  • What is the best way to apply  EZ 2 Paint
  • We always use a good quality brush. Our brush of choice is a Monarch round detail brush available from us in store or online.Enjoy your painting ,slap it on ,paint like a 4 year old and don’t be shy with your brush. Apply the paint with gusto and don’t be scared to enjoy yourself. Brush marks are great and will add the much needed character and texture to your piece .Don’t second guess your work , you are an individual and your piece will show this .