Decoupage the easy way with our EZ2 Paint


Blog-1-decoupage-compressorLet me tell you ow simple and easy it is to transform a set of bedside drawers from drab to fab .

Technically the term refers to gluing items that have been cut out , you can use wrapping paper ,newspaper, catalogues ,greeting cards and fabrics are other possibilities . I like to use wrapping paper ,it gives you so many design options and I pay $2 for 3 pieces from my local cheapie shop .

I am all about saving money and doing my upcycling in the most easiest low stress way , I don’t go looking for hard work or time consuming projects as I am so time poor and busy like most of my Mummy clients .

No need to buy expensive decoupage glue or any glue at all ! I stick my paper direct onto my EZ 2 paint .Because or EZ 2 paint has special bonding agents you can eliminate the gluing process .

Pick your colours that will complement the paper you have chosen . I like to use different patterns with similar colours for the paper it adds a more eclectic look .

  • Remove drawer knobs and drawers from piece
  • Paint your first coat on entire piece & let dry
  • Now paint with a little more on the brush where you are going to place your paper .
  • Place your paper over the wet EZ 2 Paint , it will stick quickly and easily .
  • Use a ruler or store card to smooth out all the lumps ,bumps and air bubbles
  • Don’t worry if it isn’t the perfect size or the edges hang over , this is so easy to fix
  • Finish off the painting the rest of the piece
  • Now walk away , relax and let it dry ,this will take a little longer than usual due to the thickness of paint you have applied plus the air can’t get to it to dry
  • When it is dry you will notice the colour you have painted underneath will have seeped through a little and changed the colour . It will look awesome .
  • To make it look rustic or shabby using a sanding block , sand the corners so it looks rough and aged .
  • I sand the entire piece of paper to rough it up and add a faded worn look .
  • Finish off the rest of the piece in your own unique style .
  • I use wax to seal the entire piece and over the top of the decoupage but you can use any type of sealant that you feel comfortable with .
  • Pop you handles back on

Now how easy was that ? !!

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