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  1. DebsHinga - 27/04/2020

    Good evening!
    Apologies for messaging on here, the Contact Us widget isn’t working on my browser and it’s too late at night to call or txt.
    May I please apply for a wholesale account and what your MOQ is to qualify for wholesale pricing?
    I coordinate a private multi-vendor co-op which spreads out over Ipswich areas.
    We pay upfront for any orders and don’t need a credit account. We also encourage our customers to support the brand by showing off their proud purchase on social media and tagging the brand (which would be tagging Canterbury Blue, not us).
    Humble thanks, I look forward to your reply

    • JULIANA Lucas - 28/04/2020

      Good morning
      Thank you for your enquiry regarding wholesale account .
      Our current buy in is $1000
      Minimum re orders are $350

      We offer free postage and free brochures and colour charts .

      If you would like an order sheet please let us know

      Warm regards

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