Looking for Chalk Paint,but don’t want to pay the high cost of other brands?

  •       Are you looking for an affordable  Chalk Paint alternative ?
  •       Are you looking for a good quality Australian made  Furniture Paint?
  •       Would you like to know how to use Chalk Paint ?
  •       Would you like save yourself money by  painting your own furniture?
  •       Would you like to earn some extra income for your family and turn your hobby into a business ?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you will simply LOVE Canterbury Blue™ and all it has to offer you! We have our own EZ 2 Paint Furniture Paint, available at an attractive price!

Canterbury blue range is the most affordable on the Australian market. 32 colours ,3 sizes to choose from .

Only $22 for the 250 ml $32 for the 500 ml and $49 for the 1 litre .

Free postage on orders $150 and over .

Same day dispatch.

  1. Choose your your , 32 shades to choose from.
  2. Shake can vigorously like a cocktail then stir like cake batter .
  3. No need to Pre sand or Prep your piece as our EZ 2 Paint almost always will adhere to any surface .Don’t worry about wiping down the dust or spider webs they add character and depth to your piece too .
  4. Dip a your good quality brush into the paint and apply with no stress or fixed pictures …….paint like a child and enjoy yourself.Apply paint in different directions to achieve a textured aged base to work with .
  5. Wait 30 minutes between coats ,quicker in warmer months or if painting outside in a breeze.
  6. Apply second coat ,paint with a gentle hand and try not to paint over and over the same area .
  7. You will know your paint is dry and ready to sand by testing a small area with your sanding block …it will sand easily and a chalky dust will appear ,your piece will become very smooth and feel beautiful after a gentle sand .
  8. Dust off all chalky residue with an old brush or use a dry cloth.
  9. Wax with our EZ 2 Wax™ , apply with a waxing brush or clean cloth .Allow 10 minutes to dry then polish with clean lint free cloth or pop your hand in a sock .Generally 1 coat is enough but  apply 2/3 coats on high traffic area for best protection ,eg table tops and chairs that are used daily.

Don’t worry about drip marks or brush marks as you can sand these all out or leave them there for character and true bespoke finish.Canterbury Blue™ Furniture Paint is a very porous forgiving paint that is soft to sand and will allow you to choose what type of look and finish you desire. The more you sand the smoother the finish .

Canterbury Blue is available online with  FREE POSTAGE on all paint range orders $150.00 and over .

FLAT SHIPPING RATE of $12 for all order up to $150.00

Shop 2/81 Anzac Avenue Redcliffe Qld 4020

 Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday 9 am to 2 pm   

 Please note we do not open on public holidays                      

The team at  Canterbury Blue™ will be happy to answer all of your DIY and up cycling questions.

With a wealth of knowledge about Furniture Paint and all things shabby the team just can’t wait to share  tips and ideas with all of you!

Online orders are processed 5 days a week and use a courier pick up service twice a day (Monday to Friday) to make sure you get your EZ 2 Paint™ order as soon as possible.Call into the shop front to see and touch finished pieces using EZ2 Paint ™  to inspire you.

Don’t hesitate to call the team  and ask  any question you might have about furniture painting or  furniture up cycling. You can also check out Canterbury Blues Facebook page and enjoy daily updates and specials . Make sure to like the Facebook page  so you can always be notified about our furniture paint sales and promotions!